Papier 15

Last weekend was Papier 15. I thought it was great. This was my first year going, so I can’t comment on it’s change of venue from tents downtown to the top floors of the 5445 de Gaspé building. Anyway, there are nice views from up there and it was very organized, open, and well attended. I liked a big Martin Schop landscape. A Marline Dumas portrait. The good quality in general.

The point of an art fair is to sell art, and not to me. No gallery cares what I think, but I did smell the faintest whiff of  desperate in there. I think it’s a fair thing. There is so much to see (even in a tiny fair like this one) that each piece is only viewed for an instant. Things rise above the noise of course, but there is competition between the pieces to do so. Something quiet, that takes time to look at, maybe doesn’t get the space it needs to breathe. It’s a bit like a high school, where the shy get washed away. Nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, we had fun. Where else you see that amount of work all at once?

M-KOS | contemporary art blog has some good comments about it:


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